Who to call when booking arrangements don’t work out?


People are turning to travel agents to book even the simplest arrangements – like airline tickets. Why? Because it takes the stress off the customer. A report from the travel research firm Phocuswright, found that most individuals who make booking arrangements online, complain about the long amount of time that needs to be spent looking at different websites in order to discover the best deal. 

Recently WNS, a global process management company reported that almost 75% of airline tickets are bought online. With that being said, issues cannot get resolved online. The best way to get in touch with the airlines is to contact the customer service, which can be frustrating and time-consuming.  

A simple solution to all booking issues can be prevented by booking with Rubinsohn Travel.


Airline Problems

You cannot enjoy your vacation if the transportation is interrupted. Whether it is a delay or a flight cancellation, standing in line for the airline customer service can result in a lot of wasted time at the airport. When you book with Rubinsohn Travel, all you have to do is call your agent and they take care of the issue for you, with the best efforts to get you on the plane as soon as possible. Therefore, instead of nervously waiting in a long line, you can relax while receiving updates from your agent. In addition, the staff at Rubinsohn Travel monitors your flight before your departure, so if any disruptions arise, they are dealt with before you even get to the airport.


Hotel Problems

There is nothing worse than arriving at a foreign destination and learning that there are issues with your hotel. You definitely want to avoid walking around with your luggage looking for a place to stay the night. When booking with Rubinsohn Travel, the agents will make sure to double-check your hotel arrangements to avoid any issues. However, if there are any complications along the way, Rubinsohn Travel agents are always only a call away and eager to help you get situated as soon as possible.


Car rental Problems

If there are any issues with your car rental, you might end up spending more money on transportation, which will complicate your plans for the trip. Rubinsohn Travel will ensure that you have the car you paid for, at the time you requested, so you can spend the rest of your vacation getting to the locations that you wanted to visit.  


Before you encounter any booking complications on your trip, call Rubinsohn Travel 215-886-5200 to make the arrangements for you, allowing you to truly relax.