All Aboard the Rubinsohn Express!

Each year during the winter holiday seasons, you attend the same parties, bake the same pies and decorate the same tree. Isn’t it time you use your vacation days to try something new? Maybe you want to stay in the holiday spirit but in a new vacation destination. Forget the wrapping paper and put away the tinsel… join us to check out these recommendations from Rubinsohn Travel for your next holiday getaway!

All aboard the Rubinsohn Express! Our first stop is Prague in the Czech Republic. The holiday season is magical in Prague with festive markets full of foods, jewelry, candles, homemade goods, and much more. Prague’s famous markets in Old Town Square will satisfy any of your festive cravings. Be sure to try Prague’s famous ‘trdelník’, a hot sugar coated pastry, and a warm cup of ‘svařák’, also known as mulled wine.

The next stop on the Rubinsohn Express is a few hundred kilometers to the west in the city of Nuremberg, Germany. Prepare to be transported into a winter wonderland at Christkindlemarkt, Germany’s historic holiday market. Try Nuremberg’s sausage, gingerbread, and other world-famous holiday treats. If you want to kick back and enjoy all of the festive decorations, tour the market on a stagecoach with a real horse and coachmen. Make sure you visit the world’s largest advent calendar before you leave!

We hope you packed a bathing suit for this next stop on the Rubinsohn Express! Located in the Eastern part of the Caribbean Sea, the island of St. Lucia is the perfect warm holiday destination. St. Lucia’s annual Festival of Lights is sure to blow you away with streets full of fireworks, handmade lanterns, and traditional song and dance. Experience this exciting cultural holiday and join the festivities, and participate in the traditional lantern making competition.

Our final stop is a little closer to home, but we saved the best for last! New York City… known for some of the most spectacular holiday attractions in the world! A holiday season staple in the Big Apple is in the Rockefeller Center Plaza. Ice skate at the Rink, admire the impressive tree with over 30,000 lights or watch a show at Radio City Music Hall. You will be swept away by the holiday wonders offered in New York City.

Ready to try out a new vacation destination for your next holiday? Let Rubinsohn Travel help you plan! Visit our website or give us a call at (215) 886-5200. We are excited to hear from you!