How Rubinsohn Travel Can Help You Make the Vacation of Your Dreams Come True

Booking a hotel, finding the perfect flight, and locating the perfect vacation destination all seems to be an easy task. But ask yourself, what happens when the airline has ridiculous prices, all the charming hotels are booked, and the vacation destinations aren’t as affordable as you thought? You are suddenly left feeling as if there are no other options to pursue your dream vacation, and you’re on the verge of cancelling the whole trip. Before you call it quits, Rubinsohn Travel is here to tell you that you never have to feel defeated in making plans. As travel experts, we know exactly what to do to avoid any issues when planning your vacation!

Travel Agency’s Offer All Sorts of Savings

As travel agents, it is our job to do all the heavy lifting. Instead of searching the internet for hours to find deals and destinations that meet your budget, we will use our connections to find the perfect destination and price that suits your needs. All you have to do is tell us a few destinations you would like to visit, a time frame of when you want to go, and your budget. We will be able to present countless options that meet your requirements with no stress on your shoulders. We have long lasting relationships with airlines, hotels, resorts, and even restaurants that allow us to receive travel discounts that you cannot find online!

Travel agents can also add exclusive perks to your vacation package, such as dinner reservations, tickets for shows, and reduced prices on excursions. If you’re looking to get away to a popular destination, Rubinsohn Travel can work their magic to possibly get you a room upgrade, or added credit to your trip account. Rubinsohn Travel can also suggest and help arrange exclusive activities if you’re traveling for a special occasion.

Assistance for Group Travel

Planning a vacation can often be difficult when traveling with a group of people. When traveling with a group, you may experience trouble asserting who will handle the finances, airfare, hotels, dinner reservations, etc. With the help of Rubinsohn Travel, you and your group can feel confident that the person planning is an expert and understands the fine print that comes along with traveling in groups. Rubinsohn Travel can even help you and your group receive special group discounts!

Other Recommendations

If an emergency were to come up, bad weather were to happen, or you miss your flight, Rubinsohn Travel can assist in getting you to where you need to be. Our travel agents know how to help avoid fees in the event that you need to cancel or rebook a flight, make sure you are reimbursed in the case of a storm, or even help you book another trip. Travel agents are able to quickly process a refund, and locate another destinations. Some hotels and resorts provide “last minute deals” in order to fill up their establishment.

The travel agents at Rubinsohn Travel, are experts at giving recommendations for the best places to travel by learning more about you and the things you are interested in. With this information, they are able to compile a list of destinations that would best suit you!

Now that you know how great working with a travel agent can be, are you ready to give Rubinsohn Travel a call? You can speak to one of our experts by calling, (215)-886-5200. We can’t wait to hear from you!