How to Afford Your New Year’s Resolution

Do you want to start traveling as a part of your New Year’s resolution but don’t have the money to do so? Now is the perfect time to start saving! There are many ways you can strategically save money in order to fulfill your dream of traveling in 2018. By developing good saving habits, you can easily achieve your goal and take the vacation you deserve. To start, create a simple savings plan, and let Rubinsohn Travel provide you with a few additional money-saving tips to help you along the way…

Commit to your dream

One of our first tips for saving money is to remind yourself why you’re doing this. Creating a dream wall with pictures of the places you would like to travel creates that constant revalidation that you can make your dream vacation happen. By giving yourself that motivation, you are one step closer to reaching your goal. Saving money is hard, but anyone can do it if they set their mind to it.

Pack your Lunch and Don’t Eat Out

Make it a point to pack your lunch for work and/or school and spend more time cooking at home. This could be as simple as not getting a $2.50 soda each day, that could potentially save you $913 a year! Just trimming your lunch cost from $12 to $8 can save you $832 a year. A packed lunch would eliminate all of these extra, small dollar costs that ultimately add up in the long run.

Kill the Cable

Prices of cable television packages are constantly increasing, while digital media allows us to access the same content for a much lower price. Think about it: if your cable bill is $150 a month, you’re spending $1,800 a year just to watch television! Netflix currently has 17, 284 movies and streaming titles, including television shows, all at the price of $10 a month – talk about having your cake and eating it too! By finding inexpensive ways to access your entertainment, you are already on your way to the vacation of your dreams.

Cancel that Gym Membership

Now, we’re not saying to eliminate your fitness routine – the world is a cardio machine! Go outside and exercise in the wonderful outdoors, taking in the fresh air. During the colder months, grab a yoga mat and do simple, but effective exercises in the comfort of our own home! What better feeling than burning calories, and saving money!

Stay-in on Weekends

Going out each Friday and Saturday night forces your bank account to shrink. The $52 bottle of wine that you purchase at dinner only costs $22 at the liquor store. Cook dinner at home, watch a movie on your new Netflix account and relax. Think wisely and keep your travel dreams in mind. By inviting friends over for cocktails, rather than meeting up at the local bar, you can save money and hang out with your best pals!

Assess your Expenditures

Create a spreadsheet of your daily and monthly expenditures. Separate them into columns of needs and wants and slowly begin to eliminate the wants from your routine purchasing schedule. This mindless task will allow you to save money without much effort!

By incorporating these 6 tips into your everyday life, you can easily save up for your dream vacation in 2018. Don’t fall short and give up on your New Year’s resolution because you don’t believe you have enough funds. Use these tips to assist in your savings, and let Rubinsohn Travel work with you to make that dream become a reality.

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