Our Holiday Gift Guide with our Favorite Travelers in Mind!

Holiday gift giving is no longer a problem with our amazing guide for our favorite travelers in mind. With the holiday season fast approaching, finding the perfect gift for the traveler – or anyone – can often be difficult. From suitcases, and passport holders, to journals, and cozy pillows for your flights, our Gift guide will make your holidays happier than a partridge in a pear tree!

Day 1

TravelPro MaxLite 4

Are you the type of person who loves traveling with only one piece of luggage? Featured on Business Insider as one of the best luggage’s to purchase, TravelPro’s MaxLite 4 is clearly the suitcase for you! TravelPro’s MaxLite 4 is very light in weight, which is perfect for business travel or if you only want to bring a carry-on piece along with you! The suitcase is 100% Polyester, and the unique telescoping handle adds length and strength – ensuring it’s the most durable piece of luggage you’ll ever find! Who would have thought having all this baggage could be a good thing?

To buy: Amazon or TravelPro

Day 2

Slip Silk Eye Mask



Designed for durability and comfort, the SlipSilk eye mask promises a good rest no matter where you are (HINT: perfect for flights). Silk doesn’t tug on the delicate skins around the eyes and has an anti-aging reputation. SlipSilk also makes amazing pillowcases, which office the same skin benefits as the eye mask! “Slip” into something comfortable and enjoy the ride this holiday.

To buy: Nordstrom

Day 3

BEARZ Outdoor Beach Blanket



Travel the world prepared and in style with BEARZ Outdoor Beach Blanket! Whether you’re traveling, hiking, camping or just going for a lazy day poolside or at the beach, BEARZ is perfect for you! Hook it to your bag, or simply put it in your pocket and “wave” goodbye to the mess of towels and blankets!

To buy: BEARZ or Amazon

Day 4

“I Was Here” Journal

For the creative traveler in mind, this colorfully illustrated journal has far more than blank pages waiting to be filled. From cover to cover, the journal offers fun challenges and prompts that inspire individuals to explore the world in a whimsical way. BOOK a trip and start your doodlin’!

To buy: Chronicle Books or Amazon

Day 5

Camry Luggage Scale

Gone are the days of going over your checked bag limit and experiencing the embarrassment of repacking your over-weight baggage at check-in. Skip the stress and check out Camry’s Luggage Scale. The accurate and handy Camry digital luggage scale can definitely save you from the unexpected bag fees. You don’t want to “weight” to purchase this gem for your over-packer friend.

To buy: Camry Scale Store or Amazon

Day 6

Zoppen Multi-purpose Rfid Blocking Travel Passport Wallet

Keep the thieves away with Zoppen’s travel wallet. Designed with international travel in mind, Zoppen’s multi-purpose passport wallet is vintage, chic, and soft to the touch. It can hold everything from your boarding pass, to credit cards, and your passport. Store your carry-on essentials and travel documents and never have the panic of losing them, ever again! It holds the “ticket” for your next great vacation.

To buy: Amazon

Day 7

Well Traveled Compression Packing Cubes (Set of 3)

Easily compartmentalize all of your belongings with Well Traveled’s compression packing cubes. The cubes are durable, lightweight, and water resistant, guaranteed to handle business travel, international travel, outdoor backpacking, camping, or bike trips! With sleek new designs and varying size options, this set, will literally be as easy as “1,2,3.”

To buy: Amazon

Day 8

eBags Pack-it-Flat Toiletry Kit

Made for every type of traveler, eBags Pack-it-Flat toiletry kit comes with four compartments and allows you to easily pack all of your essentials. At on 3.5” deep, you’ll pack it all, still keep it low profile! This kit is sure to be a “toileTREAT.”

To buy: eBags or Amazon

Day 9

Bag Bungee, Luggage Straps

Secure your hand luggage to bigger bags with the bag bungee to make walking around in the airport as effortless as possible. The Luggage Bungee is adjustable and stretches easily around larger bags or you can tighten it to keep your hand luggage from twisting or slipping. You can even secure a coat, purses, makeup bags, and more! Your trip will be bigger and “bagger” than ever before.

To buy: Amazon

Day 10

Cork Globe

Help your loved ones track previous and future adventures with this amazing contemporary globe. Colored pins keep track of bucket-list destinations and favorite vacations, while the stainless-steel and cork design gives it a fresh, grown-up look!

To buy: Uncommon Goods or Amazon

Day 11

Flight 001 5-in-1 Adapter

These days, no one can leave the house without their smart phone. This compact cube enables travelers to plug in in 150 countries, and it comes with a color-coded map to make it easy to determine which prong situation accompanies their destination. This is a perfect stocking stuffer for anyone in the family!

To buy: Amazon

Day 12

Kaptron Refillable Silicone Bottles

Are you always stressing over how you’re going to fit your favorite toiletries into your luggage? We found the solution for you! Fill your favorite shampoo and lotions in these adorable travel bottles, and never have to spend on travel-size toiletries. Both TSA approved, and BPA free, we’re certain your main “squeeze” will approve.

To buy: Amazon


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